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Schlotterbeck, Adligenswil.
Painting business
Corporate Identity / Signage

Maler Schlotterbeck's business is paint, concrete cosmetic and liveries. Colours are their craft, their tools, their pride which they have supplied professionally since 1895.


Shown above is the Rowing Centre Rotsee-Lucerne where Maler Schlotterbeck used many of their handwork skills to help complete such an architectural masterpiece.

Schlotterbeck in Adligenswil, just outside Lucerne and employs over 60 certified professionals and 6 apprentices. Qualified customer service, innovation, competent advice, friendliness and cleanliness in the execution of their work is the credo and trademark of the company.



Murray's task was evolution not revolution for our logo and market presence. He solved this perfectly with a keen sense for our needs, great expertise and the highest level of professionalism coupled with determination, British humour and almost accent-free Swiss English. Thank you very much.
Schlotterbeck AG
Hanns Peter Schaffner