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Haldihof, Weggis. Organic products.
Branding / Packaging / Design

Haldihof is an organic farm situated in Weggis, located in the heart of Switzerland. They offer a wide variety of organic foodstuff and run a bespoke made distillery, which extracts that little bit extra from each fruit to produce such outstanding quality, full of real flavour for their gins, schnapps and many other healthy tonics!


It has been a real pleasure working with Rebecca and Bruno Muff, especially, when we share the same dry humour, which helps, when they have drinks on offer! I have been responsible for the design work encompassing packaging development, design, and printed matter from concept to organising final production with local suppliers CAG Cartonnage and Engelberger Printers in Stans.



For over 20 years we appreciate the work of Murray with his small and fine design agency Ignition Design. His igniting ideas form the basis for the journey into the creative process. We appreciate that he leaves us as customers the space for our own ideas and suggestions. He binds these skilfully and with a lot of commitment to an overall design concept. Murray transports Haldihof and its products an honest and down to earth authentic appearance.
Haldihof Weggis
Rebecca and Bruno Muff